NY 1- News All Evening, March 30, 2018

HUD imposes new restrictions on NYCHA Spending Coverage starts at: 40:48

This coverage ran several times throughout the day.,S,201803,BEF5A3CE-05C2-4727-B449-6D638187C983&ReqServer=NDS5%5CNDS5&QueryName=JMP%20Verdant%20Communications%20-%20NYCHA%20-%20Broadcast&Offset=2424&rai=91629def-4f88-11d7-80a6-00b0d020616e&ran=Universal&roi=91629def-4f88-11d7-80a6-00b0d020616e&ron=Universal&run=&rut=0&E=12gP274Y(WzlHWH70W4Y279b(7_fHh&Time=12gf(744c74f(74S(74f(74cb74f(7xfrl&Related=PV_3&pbp=Y

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