“More than 80% of NYCHA apartments pose a health risk: report” by David K. Lee


“More than 80 percent of NYCHA units examined by state inspectors had at least one “severe” health risk, according to an official report released Monday.”

“The state Health Department surveyed 255 apartments in the report and found that 212 had “at least one severe condition” that “could pose a health hazard” to those living there.

Some of the conditions included peeling paint, mold, damaged plaster, rodents, insects, inoperable appliances and malfunctioning smoke detectors.

Seventeen apartments had both a nonworking stove and a busted refrigerator, while one or the other of those appliances wasn’t functioning in 22 units.

The state also found insect infestations in 121 out of 255 units, or 47.4 percent.

The pests included cockroaches, bedbugs and fleas.”

This story ran on the cover of today’s New York Post.

This story ran on page 5 of today’s New York Post.

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